Hi I'm Jon Park.

Digital Content Marketer // Avid Beatboxer


About Me


Today, I'm a Content Marketer, but getting to this point has been one, long, windy road.

I'm a Fourth-Culture kid, and it's absolutely shaped everything I do today.

I was born in Thailand, grew up in Taiwan, spent kindergarten in Kansas, and have been living here in New York since 2007.

My hectic childhood taught me to adapt, and to try new things. I've always been passionately curious about experiencing new cultures, trying new and bizarre food, and meeting new people. This mindset is the foundation of all my work today.

Fast forward a few years. Here are my current gigs:

  • Content Marketing Manager at AdHawk
  • Head Creative and Co-Founder of HumanBeatbox.com
  • Digital Marketing Consultant

As I continue my journey forward, I've discovered that the one thing I love doing most is building things I love and helping others do the same.


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