Beatboxing is the art form where one creates beats, patterns, and musical performances by only using the mouth, throat, and vocal chords. In the last decade, the beatbox community has grown immensely and continues to expand globally through social media and Youtube. was founded in 2001 by a beatboxer named A-Plus to serve the beatbox community by connecting beatboxers worldwide through a forum and a central platform for beatbox news and videos.

Today, HumanBeatbox is leading the charge to legitimizing beatbox culture.

The PROBLEm was struggling to keep up with the digital age was struggling to keep up with the digital age

The HumanBeatbox brand was adored by the older generation of beatboxers, but was not keeping up with the immense growth of "new-school" beatbox.

With many of the features of the site outdated and old forum members fleeing the forums for Facebook groups, there was a cry for a better resource for beatboxers to learn and connect globally.


With the previous owner gearing up to retire, he reached out to me if I wanted to purchase the website from him.

Of course I did.

It was the perfect jump from the successful blog and into an actual business. I called up a good friend of mine, and we decided to hop on this opportunity.


Being an authority site in terms of SEO meant lots of traffic, but the horrible layout meant extremely high bounce rates and a quickly diminishing return rate.

There were several issues we had to fix:

  • Rebrand

  • Completely new website layout

  • Find out how we can be a resource for beatboxers

  • Repurpose and edit old content

  • Weed out unnecessary features

  • Develop content strategy

  • Marketing and launch Plan

  • Network with beatboxers globally

  • Revenue models

  • Legal contracts & registering as a company


The HumanBeatbox team grabbing dinner with our friend and founder of Beatbox Television

The HumanBeatbox team grabbing dinner with our friend and founder of Beatbox Television

March 2016:

8,000 unique page hits

January 2018:

130,000+ unique page hits


Educate: Guide, inform, and teach beatboxers to improve their skills and stay updated with the most recent international beatbox news in an easy an understandable way

Unite: Be the central platform and ultimate resource for beatboxers to congregate, grow, and network

Protect: Instill community values and protect beatboxers as they rise to fame



Our services


We drive conversation by being the first to analyze beatbox as an art form. We also provide news about what's going on in the beatboxing world, analyses of styles, tutorials, how-to's, interviews, opinion pieces, and more.


HBB is a central platform for beatboxers to advertise their events and recap them so beatboxers around the world can stay informed and connected.


We're bringing the community together through our creative content on Facebook, where most of our community members reside. We run the only well-moderated Facebook discussion group, do facebook live takeovers with beatboxers, and post the best beatbox videos from all over the web.


With the market saturated with shoutout videos, we bring a fresh spin by treating beatboxers like celebrities for the first time. Through game shows, interviews, discussions, analyses, and creative showcases, we provide a wide range of unique content.


With the online beatbox community becoming a complete anarchy, we have taken the reins and started a discord channel to bring the offline community values online. Members from all over the world can come and battle, hang out, take lessons, and more.


The forums are a platform for beatboxers to talk and ask questions about the platform in an organized manner. Although Facebook groups are swell, they're hectic, disorganized and not well-moderated. Forums are the solution to that!

Looking Forward

There's still a lot to be done. The beatbox community is still young and is in need for a push to break into mainstream media. It's only a matter of time and we're here to do that.