We Talk Beatbox

We Talk Beatbox started just as a passion project and I was planning on keeping it at that. However, after doing my fair share of research, I realized that there wasn’t a blog online that extensively covered the awesome underground beatbox battling scene. It was my perfect opportunity to pounce, but truthfully, I was scared at first at how the community would respond and if anyone would be interested in actually reading my work. I was in for a pleasant surprise!

The Problem

There was no online community beyond Youtube videos and poorly moderated (and massively spammed) Facebook groups where beatboxers could come together and learn about the art form. As the scene begins to expand, there is a higher risk of the cultural roots and values dying out - and there was no one to stop it from happening. 

The Insight

Beatboxers are more than gimmicky-noise makers, but artists who develop unique styles and want their voices to be heard. Beatboxing is not a party trick or a hobby, but an art form that brings an international community together through the universal language of music and self-expression.

Beatboxers continuously crave more knowledge and new ways to connect, where resources to increase their knowledge of the art is very minimal. Building a community, creating conversation, and preserving the beatbox culture is a service that the scene truly covets.

The Brand

We Talk Beatbox stands as the cultural gatekeeper of beatbox and acts as the collective voice of the community.

I chose the name "We Talk Beatbox" because this project was about pushing the art to new boundaries, together as a united family.  Having "we" in the title furthers this notion while the phrase itself is catchy and rolls off the tongue!

Our voice is to remain professional and educated, but also genuine and respectful of everyone's opinions. We do our best to make sure every voice is heard and all talent is appreciated.

What we do

We Talk Beatbox is a blog, Facebook discussion group, and Youtube channel that creates content that generates discussion and unites the community. We produce analyses, share stories, compile roundups, and promote major events around the world. 

We also build integral relationships and partnerships with other brands, artists, and Youtube channels in the community by sharing my digital marketing experience and consulting content production to ultimately push the scene forward.


The Strategic Journey:

Pre Launch:


  • Started by researching other blogs about beatboxing longtail keywords about the scene. None? We're good to go!

  • Identified major influencers on social media by scrolling through social media feeds and sending cold facebook friend requests to beatboxers
  • Looked for forums, Facebook groups,  and Google circles about beatbox
  • Found similar blogs in related hiphop scenes, including ThatSteezy in the Bboying community for best practices and inspiration

The Smaller Details

  • Purchase domain
  • Learn Wordpress and basic SEO best practices
  • Find a theme

Content Creation:

  • Look for the top issues that would be a hit in the beatbox community
  • Write 4 different blog posts covering different strategies
    • Top 10 Youtube Channels
      • Performance will help determine the "shareability' of simpler content
    • Video Tutorial Summary
      • This post about a short video tutorial helped me determine whether or not people in the community would want to come to my website to discover new videos
    • 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Beatboxing
      • I wrote this piece to see if people would react to the importance of our values as a community
    • We Love You Babeli
      • A popular beatboxer didn't do well in one of his rounds and received incredible hate online. My article refuted those claims in support of Babeli
      • Babeli was a Facebook friend of mine was a reachable influencer


Scheduling Posts

  • Wrote and published 3 articles in preparation for launch
  • Identified all the most popular Facebook groups by region and began posting the top 10 list and the "We Love You Babeli" article at peak hours in each respective time zone

Launch Day Engagement Numbers:

4,000+ Unique visitors

500+ Likes & Shares


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.56.31 AM.png

Post Launch:

Expand Social Media Channels:

  • Facebook Discussion Group: 300+ Members
    • Create a forum where beatboxers can come and ask questions and voice their opinions about numerous topics

    • Formulates interesting discussion and builds community

    • Generate user-generated content where comments are used for new article ideas and contributions for articles

    • Identify partners to be administrators and generate discussion so group is self-sufficient

    • Expand to We Talk Beatbox: Español 


  • Launched Youtube channel while establishing a strategic partnership with the American Beatbox Championships, creating hype and riding off the excitement
  • Promote other Youtube channels by partnering and using their footage to develop analysis and round-up videos

More Campaigns:

We Talk Journeys:

  • A series of short stories where beatboxers share intimate and funny moments in their beatbox careers

Shareable Quotes

  • Small, visually pleasing, and shareable Instagram and Facebook post
  • 4 Post Results:
    • 8,000+ total reach
    • 110+ Shares

2015 American Beatbox Championships

  • Marketed event to build hype while branding blog and video content to meet sales quota
  • Took photos to upload them on our Facebook page for maximum reach and brand recognition
  • Photos used by local newspaper