Jon Park
Jon Park

Hi I'm Jon Park.

I simplify the craziness of digital marketing.


About Me

My full name is Jung Min Park, meaning "Of the Righteous People." 

I'm a Fourth-Culture Kid. I was born in Thailand, grew up in Taiwan, spent kindergarten in Kansas, and have been living here in New York since 2007.

Yeah. My childhood was hectic.

However, it did teach me to adapt quickly in changing environments and made me really fall in love with new cultures and meeting new people every day.

Fast forward a few years. Here are my current gigs:

  • Content Marketing Manager at AdHawk
  • Head Creative and Co-Founder of
  • Digital Marketing Consultant

Life's still crazy.

Here's the Tl;dr version: I love building things in the digital universe and love helping others do the same.

I'm always eager to try new things and build something new - and you can check out my shenanigans over at my "work" page!


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